Comments By Psychiatrists, Physicians, And Psychotherapists

“Dr. Sobel’s knowledge and mastery of the subject is excellent!”

“Wonderful enthusiasm and extremely responsive to participants’ concerns.”

“He is clearly an expert in his field and a leader in Medicine with the ability to bring research to clinical level medicine.”

“Dr. Sobel is an excellent speaker. He has tremendous knowledge and experience in Psychiatry. He gave me numerous clinical pearls.”

“Dr. Sobel is a gifted educator, the best at this conference! I rearranged my whole schedule just to be able to hear him again.”

“This is perhaps the best conference I have ever been to.”

“Dr. Sobel – AMAZING!!! Could have him speak the entire time. Very knowledgeable and easy to understand concepts.”

“Stephen Sobel is a GREAT speaker! Very interesting to listen to!”

“Dr. Sobel – you are absolutely fantastic!!! What a lecture!!!”

“Amazing speaker- knowledgeable practitioner with lots of experience and great teaching skills. Also has great time management skills. The best speaker today.”

“He was exciting to listen to and he was easy to understand and follow.”

“Dr. Sobel was by far, the best speaker. Exceptionally knowledgeable but more or just as importantly – presents so well and keeps his audience awake and engaged!”

“Dr. Sobel was very entertaining! His talk on ADD was excellent. He is freaking brilliant! His humor alone must help his patients!”